“Representatives of various countries willing to invest in India.”

kapi sib

Mr. Kapil Sibal
Minister of Communications & IT

By and large, we had positive responses from all the representatives, and they all want to invest in India, which will also generate many jobs to our people.

First was about the predictability of policies. We told them that all these policies, whether for electronics or telecom, are for 10 years. Secondly, they were concerned about preferential market access (PMA) and we told them that PMA in Government procurement and security will occupy only three per cent of the market, and the rest will be free.

Third, they said they had some issues on the taxation side. I told them it is not something that I can resolve and I indicated to them that if they come to us with specific issues, I will convey them to the Finance Minister.
If they want to set up their facilities outside this corridor, we will then talk to the local or State Governments to provide them world-class infrastructure.

Mr. Kapil Sibal said at a meeting with Ambassadors and Heads of Chambers of Commerce of Countries to promote India as a destination for investment in electronics manufacturing.

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