“The jobs are going to come from manufacturing-electronics manufacturing”


Dr. Ajay Kumar
joint secretary, DeitY

January 2013 I write this editorial from San Jose, California in the USA. We are here in a delegation led by Shri Kapil Sibal, Hon’ble Minister of Communications and IT promoting investments in Electronics System Design and Manufacturing sector. Earlier this month, the Minister had a Round Table with industry captains in New Delhi to discuss opportunities in automotive electronics, medical electronics, avionics and LED sectors. Next month, the Minister is leading another delegation, comprising of industry representatives, State Government representatives and Central Government officials to Japan, with a similar agenda.

The catchline which aptly represents the sectors was released- “Electronics India-Billion Needs, Million Chips”. Bosch Automotive announced its intent to scale up its investments in India and formally handed over the first Modified SIPS application. The action has begun. The initial responses to the interactions with industry have been extremely positive. Several people talk of why the new sunrise took so long to happen.

They find the growth of electronics system design and manufacturing in India, as much a need for the world as much for India. Signs of new patterns of cooperation and collaboration amongst companies, sectors, and countries are slowly getting formed.

Hon’ble Prime Minister spoke about the need for innovation and product development in his address at the National Science Congress in Kolkata. This is extremely relevant to Electronics sector. Progress over the last month has been the finalization of the Expression of Interest (EoI) for a Conditional Access System for Set Top Boxes.

The EoI marks a first of its kind initiative, to address the challenge of development of an electronic product, in a PPP mode, with a predefined terms and conditions with regard to the product being developed and the rights of the developer to share the benefits of the developed product. Similar model is proposed to be used for other electronic products.

On cards are several medical electronics devices, CAREL products and others. Innovation for India would be the buzz word. Industry, Industry associations, IITs, other academic institutions, research organizations, all have a very important role to play in this effort. Expect greater action on this front in the coming months.

Lastly, leave you with this thought which Shri Kapil Sibal remarked in his interactions with industry. “For India it is not a matter of choice. In another ten years, the average age of India would be 29 years. There is need to provide employment to all these young Indians. And the jobs are going to come from manufacturing-electronics manufacturing”. Ever thought what would happen if India does not create the jobs for all these young people?

Dr. Ajay Kumar is also the chief editor of DietY’s electronic e-newsletter from where this article has been extracted.

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