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The Technology Transfer Area of TERI is continuously engaged in the movement of new technologies from TERI’s laboratories to commercial enterprises. With the opening up of trade in goods and services, IPRs (intellectual property rights) have become more susceptible to infringements leading to inadequate returns to the creators of the IPR. Creating, obtaining, protecting, and managing IPRs is as important a function as the raising of resources and funds. The Area is actively involved in facilitating the framing and signing of commercial agreements, identifying potential licensees and network agents, and facilitating Intellectual Property protection by patenting.

The major thrust areas of TERI are:

  • Identifying areas of interest so that R&D efforts are focused for the development of suitable technologies in such areas.
  • Planning strategic technology transfer activities and providing management services related to technology transfer activities.
  • Marketing and disseminating technologies and innovations through effective partnerships.
  • Facilitating effective communication between technology developers and users.
  • Serving as a marketing think tank to manage formulation of business strategy for technology diffusion.
  • Undertaking market surveys to obtain useful feedback that would help technology developers in their future research.

The technologies available with TERI for licensing & transfer are:

Technologies available for transfer     
  •  Designer ceramic membranes for industrial use                                                            
  • Home LED lighting system (patent applied)


Contact Details 2nd Cell
Contact Person Mr. K. Rajagopal
Designation senior manager
Address Darbari Seth Block, IHC Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110 003, INDIA
Phone Tel. (+91 11) 2468 2100 and 41504900
Fax (+91 11) 2468 2144 and 2468 2145
Email pmc@teri.res.in

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