“Solar firms must come up with quality products.”

Mr. Farooq AbdullahMinister of New and Renewable Energy

Mr. Farooq Abdullah
Minister of New and Renewable Energy

We have put local content in the JNNSM. Local content was basic need so that local industry could survive. But if local industry can not produce a good product…they not meet the requirements that we need in India, this local content is going to go.

When a man goes to the market, he wants the best product at good price. If you cannot reach it, We will not be able to protect you for long.

Why it is not possible for us (local manufacturers) to produce what we are procuring from China and the West.

How long will you borrow things from the west. Why did you not consider producing some thing that the west should borrow from us.

Nation is not going to wait. Unless you produce and do research here, we will not be able to protect you.

Mr. Farooq Abdullah said at an inaugration of a solar power project in New Delhi.

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