“Responsiveness to requests for investment is critical to the success of the new policy initiatives”

Dr. Ajay Kumarjoint secretary, DeitY

Dr. Ajay Kumar
joint secretary, DeitY

April 2013 The first few applications under Modified SIPS have been recommended by the Appraisal Committee. Within couple of months, the Appraisal Committee have considered these applications and made its recommendations, recommending incentives under the scheme.

The Appraisal committee under the Chairmanship of Shri Rajiv Gauba, Additional Secretary, Department of Electronics and IT meets every week so that real-time response can be provided to all applicants.

Department of Electronics and IT is trying to reach out to investors and other stakeholders. Workshops and meetings are held with potential investors. One company was surprised when the senior most officials of the Department reached their office to apprise them about the opportunities in the sector, rather than typically expecting them to go hunting for information.

This reaching out to companies was not a single incident but a general approach being adopted. Country specific Desks, Country specific Electronic Manufacturing Clusters are also steps to meet the needs of potential investors. More needs to be done and we will strive in this direction.

Responsiveness to requests for investment is critical to the success of the new policy initiatives. The Department will continue to make its endeavour to be as responsive as possible. Meanwhile, industry associations can also play an important role to play. They can act as extended arms of the Department. Very often, new investors reach out to these industry associations, and a knowledgeable response can make a world of difference in the final decision taken by the enquirer.

I would like to encourage all industry associations which are in this sector to create a Help Desk for this purpose. We are waiting for your query. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Dr. Ajay Kumar is also the chief editor of DietY’s electronic e-newsletter from where this article has been extracted.

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