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ISRO has been consciously nurturing the Indian industries for utilizing their expertise for advancement of space program and also for wider dissemination of technological benefits through know how transfer in a wide range of disciplines covering chemical and speciality materials, electronics and computer based systems, telecommunication, broadcasting, navigation, optics, mechanical and electromechanical areas. So far over 290 technologies have been successfully transferred to Indian industries and licensee industries continue to productionise and market the products licensed by ISRO. Over 500 small, medium and large scale industries are involved in partnership with space.

ISRO has been investing in developing a patent portfolio, which now consists of around 240 patents, 45 copyrights and 10 trademarks. Even in this area, while ISRO’s objective has been to safeguard the technologies developed in ISRO Centres, the approach has been tuned towards enabling maximal commercial exploitation of such resources through appropriate technology transfers or licensing schemes.

Technologies available for licensing and transfer
Safety Ohm Meter This is an instrument for accurate resistance measurement over wider resistance range, especially for the safe and reliable squib resistance measurement of electrically initiated pyro devices used in Aerospace, Automobile and other industries.          
Optical Imaging System The technology on Optical Imaging System is available for know how transfer to industries.
New technologies on offer for Know How Transfer New technology offers from ISRO for know how transfer to industries. Technologies in Chemical, Electronics, Mechanical and Materials , Sensors, Antenna, Application and Software domains are available for know how transfer to industries.
C/Ku Ortho Mode Transducer (OMT)  Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) at its Space Applications Centre (SAC) has developed a C/Ku Ortho Mode Transducer (OMT) for combined C/Ku receive feed system. Such an Ortho Mode Transducer permits combination of separate C and Ku terminals into a single system thereby effecting cost savings.
Light Emitting Diodes Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has developed a device for compensating the effect of temperature variation on the brightness of LEDs, which will find wide commercial and special applications.
A Control Circuit for Diode based RF Circuits Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has developed a driver circuit for stepwise temperature invariant performance of diode-based RF circuits such as p-i-n and Schottky diode-based attenuator, phase shifter, linearizer etc which will find wide commercial and special applications.
Thermal Sensors Indian Space Research Organisation at its Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), Thiruvananthapuram has developed various kinds of heat flux sensors and temperature probes.

Contact Details
Contact Person B.S.Chandrashekar
Designation director
Address Technology and Services, Technology Transfer & Industry Cooperation (TT&IC)
ISRO Headquarters
Antariksh Bhavan
New BEL Road
Bangalore – 560 231
Phone 080-2217 8339
Email director@istrac.org

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