Indian Direct Equity Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

IDEA was launched in 1999 with the objective of managing funds in the Venture Capital and Private Equity area. IDEA’s team has the necessary skill sets with over 34 man-years in the Indian financial industry to successfully operate and grow in this field. The Indian Venture Capital scenario has evolved a great deal since the initial forays in 1990. VC activity in India, which had been focused on traditional industries, is now concentrating on the high growth IT sectors. India has seen a substantial increase in VC deal flow, as well as VC funding over the last couple of years. 

IDEA currently advises the INDIA DIRECT FUND LP, 1996 and eTEC VENTURES LTD., 2000.   

Venture capital
Name of venture capital Indian Direct Equity Advisors Pvt. Ltd
Sector Hardware design, electronic meters
City Mumbai
Nature Private
Contact detail No.1007, Raheja Centre, Nirman Point, Mumbai – 400 021. India.
Phone : +91-22-204 1140
Fax : +91-22-232 5150
Email: info@ideaequity.com

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