“Develop the industry which is good in quality, safe and also specific to India”

Dr. Ajay Kumarjoint secretary, DeitY

Dr. Ajay Kumar
joint secretary, DeitY

February 2013 The Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012 shall come into force on April 3, 2013. As the date of implementation approaches, frenetic activity is seen for getting the products registered. The Department of Electronics and IT is also gearing itself to cater to the need of the industry. We owe this both to the consumers and to the industry of the country to ensure successful implementation of the order in time.

Typically, all standards in the country have been implemented through the license provisions of the BIS Act. This is the first time that a standards regime which provides for self-registration, as against license which has been implemented. Self-registration provides greater sense of responsibility on the industry so that the regulation of Government is lesser.

The industry gets its products tested and shows that it complies with required standards. I am sure that the industry and the importing community will rise to the occasion and show that they are able to fulfill the responsibility which has been entrusted to them under the self-registration scheme.

Along with mandatory registration of electronic goods, efforts to develop standards for medical electronics have also been initiated. We invite readers to suggest medical electronic devices for which standards are required. While suggesting names of medical electronic devices, informed readers may also suggest any background standards/documents which can be used by relevant officials for doing preparatory work for the development of standards for those devices. This would help reduce the time cycle for developing standards significantly.

Another positive development is the process of amendment of The Drugs And Cosmetics Act by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The amendment, interalia, proposes to recognize medical devices as separate from drugs and provide for a separate mechanism for testing and approval. Once the said amendment is passed, this would really help the development and manufacture of medical device industry in the country.

Standards are an extremely important part of the National Policy on Electronics, 2012. It can help shape the industry. We need to develop the industry which is good in quality, safe and also specific to India. The steps mentioned are baby steps in this direction. A National Policy Framework regarding standards is envisaged in the Policy.

The initial work in this regard has started. Inputs from all stakeholders are vital in this regard. We shall be coming forward with a draft for discussion during the next few weeks. Readers and stakeholders may like to start collecting their thoughts and views on the subject.

Dr. Ajay Kumar is also the chief editor of DietY’s electronic e-newsletter from where this article has been extracted.

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