World electronic industries 2008 – 2013

The electronics industry scope cannot be restricted to mass-market products that are produced in millions and even billions of pieces a year (mobile phones, TVs, PCs, etc.). Mass-market products ‘only’ represented 53% of the electronics industry in 2008. The electronics industry represented 1140 billion Euros in 2008 and is today comparable in size to other important industrial branches such as the Car industry (1800 billion Euros in 2008). A rather impressive figure for such a recent industry whose origins go back only half a century.First driven by government applications in the 60s and 70s, enterprises in the 80s and finally individuals since the 90s, the electronics industry is re-inventing itself since its origin thanks to massive R&D investment, which translates into permanent new product introduction. Today, new societal needs in energy, security or health are relying on electronic solutions that are still to be developed, providing long-term growth perspectives for the overall industry for the next decades. Although the electronics industry demonstrates more mature growth profiles, it is still a young industry with major growth perspectives ahead.

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