Majority of the Indian franchises are more of brokers: Eris

The large domestic market with 1.21 billion population & the support of semiconductor wafer Fab by India government initiatives has give us the “room” or space to expending the diode/rectifier market in India.

Mr Vincent Chiang, sales manager, Eris Technology, Taiwan

Mr Vincent Chiang, sales manager, Eris Technology, Taiwan

As part of our ongoing series titled `Global Trade Opportunities’ featuring global brands interested in doing business in India, Anurag Gaur from EFYTimes spoke to Mr Vincent Chiang, sales manager, Eris Technology, Taiwan, about their business strategy in India. Eris is an ODM (original design manufacturer) of diodes, providing excellent services, such as R&D, manufacturing, and after-sales service. There business scope comprises Schottky Diodes, TVS Diodes, Zener Diodes, Bridge Diodes, Wafers, LEDs and relevant diodes. Eris has obtained the authentication of international quality standard ISO 9001:2008, ISO 17025 for chemical analysis field certification, ISO/ TS 16949 for quality management system certification, ISO 14000 for environmental management system certification.

Q. Can you share details about your organisation’s products and services?
A. Eris Technology Corporation is principally engaged in the manufacturing of diodes and wafers. The Company’s diodes include Schottky diodes, rectifier diodes, fast rectifier diodes, Zener diodes, high efficient rectifier diodes, transient voltage suppression (TVS) diodes and others. The wafers include Schottky wafers, silicon rectifier wafers, TVS wafers, Zener diode wafers and others. The Company also provides light emitting diode (LED) lighting components used for LED lighting applications, LED street lights and others. During the year ended December 31, 2010, the Company obtained approximately 76.31% and 23.15% of its total revenue from diodes and wafers, respectively. The Company distributes its products in domestic market and to overseas markets, including the rest of Asia, the Americas, Europe and Australia.

Q. What are your views about India as a market for your products (or services)?
A. The large domestic market with 1.21 billion population & the support of semiconductor wafer Fab by India government initiatives has give us the “room” or space to expending the diode/rectifier market in India. The diode/rectifier market was not developed and we had our inhibitions to enter India or have a presence India through tie ups or partners but now that government is taking initiatives and having an open door policy, we have our high hopes and anticipating good response to our product. The population and diversity should pave a way to challenging but profitable road.

Q. Which products or services do you expect to sell more in a country like India?
A. All those products related with DC would have a connection with our products. These products could be very well used in telecommunication industry. The products that they would be able to support would be Mobile chargers, Notebooks etc. These products would also appeal to Automotive industry.Q. Do you have any presence in India through your own office or partners? Please share details.A. Micro Devices Inc. is one of our distributor in India. We are currently looking for a long term business partner.

Q. Are you looking for partners, such as distributors, system integrators, etc., for India? If yes, please share details.
A. Yes, we are looking for some strong partners who have a wide distribution network all over India. At the moment, we are in talks with a few distributors, but once we have appointed two or three, we will limit and focus more on supporting them. Q. What are the challenges you foresee or have experienced while dealing in India?A. Majority of the Indian franchises are more of brokers. They order semiconductor components from foreign countries and then supply the same. Most of the goods routed from China where devices are tampered, refurbished, counterfeited and quality standards are not met.

Hence, we’re looking forward on those electronic component company or manufacturer which has more concern on the promise of quality consistently as our long term business partner cause we are experience industry and R&D. The India huge market with the growing middle-class population of nearly 400 million people and India’s electronic equipment consumption, which was estimated at around $110 billion in 2010, is expected to reach $363 billion by 2015 is the most attractive factor.

Q. Have you ever engaged in any marketing activity to generate business from India (e.g. participated in an expo or advertised in a magazine or a website)? If yes, please share details of the activities executed and the results experienced.
A. Yes, we did attend Componex Nepcon India in 2009 and was there at the Seminar on Market and Investment opportunity in India which was held at Taipei recently.

Q. If any organisation from India is interested in affiliating with you as your partner or customer, whom should they contact? Please share the contact details: names, addresses, phone #, e-mail IDs, contact details, etc.
A. Yes, they are most welcome to contact Ms. Joyce Leong . She is the foreign sales representative and looks after most of the Asian and Oceanic countries including India.

Q. Are there any challenges that you have faced or you foresee in India?
A. The biggest challenge that we foresee in India is the sync between pricing and quality. The consumers in India are highly price sensitive and do not want to compromise on the quality so in order to breakthrough in Indian market we need consumers with high demand and less price sensitivity which is a major challenge for us.

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