LED Market Overview and Forecast ‐ India

Note: This forecast was done by Electric Lamp & Component Manufacturers’ Association of India in March 2012 on the basis of performance of 2011. However, a lot of policy decisions have been taken since changing the estimates drastically. Please also see.

Lighting Industry in India
• Performance year 2011




LED Lighting: Stimulation for LED Lighting in India

Barriers identified

• Limited availability of LED technology in India • High initial cost of LEDs that makes the pay‐back period very long
• Absence of National standards for LEDs as a result industry is prone to import sub standard products • Consumer awareness very low
• Lack of testing protocols, facilities and accredited laboratories at the national level
• No incentive either to set up manufacturing facilities in India as is the case with China

Recommendations and Proposals
–To constitute a central Institutional mechanism (CIM) which along with other stake holders shall oversee the design, development and implementation of the program and put in place a robust monitoring and evaluation process by an independent agency (like National Productivity Council)
–Aggregation of future LED demand under regulatory oversight is the appropriate way to significantly enhance volumes and therefore attract leading manufacturers to India and have co‐benefit of reduced cost
–Mandating phased domestic manufacturing for such demands must be integrated in the policy framework
–Appropriate fiscal incentives need to be structured by the Government to promote LEDs in India (e.g. tax, duties, tariffs, incentive to manufacture in India etc) –To give immediate push, initially to concentrate on commercial applications –Recommendation to MoP to provide atleast one LED lamp under “electricity to all villages” scheme.
–Motivate Central and State government procurement agencies to take part in this program
–Setting up of a neutral, trusted testing facility urgently. (Government approved Rs. 25 Crores for this initiative last year)
–Technical standards must be mandated by BIS
–Domestic manufacturing of these technology materials and processes may be encouraged in the first phase.


Secondary Road Street Lights
– Presently haphazard installation of streetlights by small and medium municipalities
– Industry gearing up for designing LED street lights – Government (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) initiative to provide LED streetlights to > 100 municipalities as per program
– ELCOMA prepared streetlight specifications for government procurement and end users
– Street lighting guideline prepared by BEE

Self Ballasted LED Lamp

• As an introduction for domestic application, attention provided for self Ballasted LED Lamp
• Specifications prepared by ELCOMA and government using it for DSM and CDM schemes • BIS prepared standards for Self ballasted LED lamp
• Product prototypes under tests • Price reduced from Rs. 1200 last year to Rs. 650.
Likely to further reduce to Rs. 300 to Rs. 400 by the end of this year

– Self Ballasted Lamps
– Down Lighters
– Street Lights

1. SCOPE: To promote energy efficiency by phasing-out incandescent with an efficient alternative in the form of retrofit LED lamp
2. Lamp Terminology : Self Ballasted 5 watts LED Lamp (Covered) retrofit for GLS lamp in Lamp caps of B22 and E27.
3. Technical Requirement : The LED Chip should conform to LM80
4. Lamp Specifications



1. SCOPE: To promote energy efficiency by phasing-out halogen and CFL Down lighters with an efficient alternative in the form of LED lamp Down Lighter
2. Luminaire Terminology : Self Ballasted or with external driver but be accessible for easy lampreplacement
3. Technical Requirement : The LED Chip should conform to LM80
4. Luminaire Specifications


SCOPE: To promote energy efficiency by phasing-out inefficient L Luminaires using lamp sources like
Mercury Vapour Lamps, Halogen Lamps, CFLs or other inefficient lamps with an efficient alternative in the
form of LED Street Lights
Luminaire Terminology : External driver / housing with easy lamp replacement arrangement
Technical Requirement : The LED Chip should conform to LM80
Luminaire Specifications



– Workshops / Seminars
– LED Conclaves (Exhibition and Workshops) • May 2010 ‐ Delhi
• April 2011 – Hyderabad
• January 2012 – Mumbai
• MEGA LED SEMINAR IN NEW DELHI IN OCTOBER 2012 – More workshops to be organised in Kolkata, Bangalore, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad during 2012‐13
– Publication of LED Street lighting guide for Municipalities and Public Works Departments
– Articles and advertisements in special magazines – Media publicity

Government Support

• White paper by BEE on “Stimulating LED in India” • Government notifications:
– Ministry of Commerce issued notification to Delhi Government to ensure all showrooms or show windows using Incandescent Lamp or halogen lamps to immediately replace with LED down lighters. More States to follow
– Ministry of Commerce issued advisory to Ministry of Urban Development to Ensure all medium and small municipalities change to LED Street Lighting
– Bureau of Energy Efficiency started Pilot programs to encourage use of LED streetlights for Municipalities and Local Bodies for secondary roads, parks and parking areas etc. – 180 bodies being funded
• Government bulk procurement
– Preparing bulk requirement of Railways, Airport authority, Urban Housing, Highways and other large development projects to create a large demand to encourage industry to establish – LED Self Ballasted Lamp for “Bachat Lamp Yojna” – All Households within 5 k.m. of Power Generating Plants to be given one LED bulb free • Test Labs
– Govt subsidizing establishment of LED test facilities at existing Test Lab (About Rs. 25 Crores) – Expected atleast 3 more Test Labs supported by Government – Total expected 12 Test Labs by 2013

ELCOMA LED Lighting Chapter
• To cover all other LED activities an LED Chapter created within ELCOMA
– Membership extended to
• All LED Lighting Manufactures or assemblers – small, medium or large
• Signage Manufacturers
• Traffic Signals and direction board manufactures • Security Lighting
• Architects, Designers, Specifiers, Engineers • Test Laboratories

Vision of Elcoma LED Lighting Chapter
• To ensure federate all stake holders of LED Lighting to work together for better end products
• Cooperation between manufacturers and ancillaries for better technology development and exchange
• To promote the consideration and discussion and resolve all questions affecting LED Lighting
• To diffuse information to all members on new technology development and best practices
• Product specifications and certifications
• Undertake promotion of LED Lighting by seminars, exhibitions, workshops etc • Exchange of statistical information
• Education for students and institutions on Energy Efficient Lighting • Coordinate with government on various issues pertaining to requirement of LED Lighting for quality, manufacture and policy updating • Establishment of LED Lighting excellence centre

Test Laboratories

• 2010 – No Test Lab for LED Product testing • Initiative by government to fund one test Lab • Elcoma undertook with large Test Labs to upgrade for LED Testing
• 6 Labs have taken initiative • 4 Labs are ready by January 2012 • 8 More Labs likely by 2013

Industry penetration to LED Business

• 12 large, 15 Medium and about 600 small manufacturers in LED business
• All major chip manufacturers have based offices in India
• Binning and Packaging being started in India • Tie up with major Global Luminaire manufacturers by most of large companies to start manufacture in India

Successful launch of LED Lighting in India
• LED business was less than Rs. 300 Crores in 2009
• 2010 – Increased to Rs. 500 Crores • Estimated 2011 – Rs. 850 Crores • Estimated 2016 – Rs. 5000 Crores (US$ 1 Billion)


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