Electronics Industry Forecast and Growth Drivers

Highlights of the report

– Contracted sharply during 2008 financial crisis: -9% 2009/2008

  • Contraction exceeded that of global economy
  • Pain was especially sharp at the early levels of supply chain

– Recovery was almost as steep: +15% 2010/2009

  • Bottom reached at Chinese New Year 2009
  • Most segments recaptured or exceeded all-time highs by 2010
  • Recovery especially strong at the early stages of supply chain
  • Most sectors participated; military the notable exception
  • Consumer segments surprisingly strong given the economy

– Growth to return to a more normal pattern: 2010 – 2015

  • Electronics industry is increasingly driven by consumers
  • New economies of China and India provide boost to growth
  • Leading sectors – high-value portable devices, green sectors

Read the complete report on- Electronics Industry Forecast and Growth Drivers

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