Rs 110 Billion To Boost The Indian Electronics Industry: DeitY

Thursday, September 05, 2013: Over the last couple of decades, India has been the epicenter of consumer demand fuelled by a phenomenal GDP growth. While all sectors have been poured in with heavy demands, one sector that stands out is the high-end electronics products. The demand for the same has grown multifold during the last few years with the sector posting double digit growth numbers.

“As always, India offers a great opportunity in electronics system design and manufacturing. With the country looking to be an economic powerhouse on the global platform, sectors like ESDM will play a vital role. We have received investment offers to the tune of around Rs 110 billion (11,000 crores) in this sector. The main focus this year will be on Mobile Handset Manufacturing, Automotive Manufacturing, Consumer electronics and LED manufacturing as these are the areas of interest in the market,” said Dr. Ajay Kumar, Joint Secretary, Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Ministry of Communication & Information.

“This partnership of MMI-India and DeitY will work well for the industry to grow. We need to take this partnership beyond India and electronics policies need to be discussed globally. The event will make an interest in the potential buyers and suppliers of the industry to understand more about the new opportunities and weave their future plans to take advantage of the same. Government has a revamped its set of policy initiatives, now focusing on the ‘state-of-the-art’ technologies which make India an attractive destination for investment in electronics manufacturing,” added Dr. Kumar.

Mr. PVG Menon, President, IESA said, “Semi conductor industry is 100% import based and last year alone India consumed semi conductors worth $ 8 billion. Now in order to be self sufficient, FAB will play an essential role towards this as it can give India the technological edge in the global markets.”

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