PMA Notification for Laptop PC

The Government has notified the policy for providing preference to domestically manufactured electronic products in procurement due to security considerations and in Government procurement.

As per Clause 2 the Policy is applicable for Government procurement be applicable to all Ministries’s Departments ( except Defense ) and their agencies for electronic products purchased for Governmental purposes and not with a view to commercial resale or with a view to use in the production of goods for commercial sale.

In furtherance of the Policy notified vide reference cited above the Department of Electronics and Information Technology)  hereby notifies that preference shall be provided by all Ministries Departments and agencies under their control to domestically manufactured Laptop PCs as per the said policy. The details are as follows:

( A) Definition

The purpose of this Notification: A Laptop PC commonly  known in the market as Laptop Notebook, Netbook, Ultrabook, etc, ) shall necessarily consist of a (Memory , hard disk drive. Key board. Touchpad and or Trackpoint and integrated display unit) and should be able to operate independently.


(C ) Criteria for HOM to be classified as domestic

The domestic HOM of Laptop PC would be the sum of the cost of main inputs as specified in Column I of the following table, provided the inputs individuall.~ satisf the value addition requirement specified in Column 2 of the table:


4. Government Ministry Department or agencies under their administrative control may choose to procure a higher percentage of domestically manufactured goods than specified in the Notification. This would enable Ministries / Departments such as Atomic Energy, Space, Home Affairs, etc. to meet their special requirements or wherever a special policy provision exists / decision is taken by the Government to meet the demand from domestic manufacturers.

5. The notification comes into effect immediately. The Year I for the purpose of this notification would be upto 31.3.2014.

6. The domestic value addition for Year 2 on wards shall automatically increase  in terms of Policy

7. The Preference shall be applicable for all Central Government procurement and agencies under their control as per the Policy.

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