Online application system portal for CRS enabled by Bureau of Indian Standards

Thursday, September 25, 2014: BIS has informed the Policy Advisor Committee in its second meeting held on 16.07.2014 that BIS has enabled portal for online submission / processing of applications for the Compulsory Registration Scheme. Stating that the portal has been made operational w.e.f. 23rd June 2014, DG BIS stated that it was now mandatory to file applications online. Acknowledging the ground work done for the portal by DeitY, BIS stated that it had ambitions to make this portal applicable for all products that are envisaged to be covered under the CRS by various departments / Ministries. It was also announced that data of the registrations already granted would also be ported into the portal. DeitY intends to use this data for the planned surveillance activities for registered items.

For further details, please contact Shri Arun Sachdeva, Senior Director, Deity (asachdeva@deity.gov.in) or Smt Asha Nangia, Director, Deity (anangia@deity.gov.in)

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