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Industrial Policy 2009

In the context of the major economies of the world being caught in the grip of a global meltdown which has far reaching destabilising impact on the economic activity the world over, the need for ensuring a sustained and accelerated growth is greatly felt and needed. While India and China also have been impacted by the global economic meltdown, it is largely held that the policy measures adopted by these two countries have resulted in the ability of both withstanding and countering the global recessionary trends, as they fundamentally being strong.

The new industrial policy for the state of Gujarat takes into account the context of the current global melt down. Given the strong and accelerated growth and development exhibited by the state over the recent years, Gujarat is expected to be one of the key drivers for growth in the Indian economy. The Industrial Policy of Gujarat is therefore tailored with a premise that the state is the most preferred destination for investment not only by domestic.

The Objective : With the primary focus of making Gujarat the most attractive investment destination of not only in India, but also that of the world, the Government of Gujarat (GoG) is now announcing a new Industrial Policy. The new industrial policy has been formulated in line with the vision that has been framed for the state. The primary policy objectives are as under:

1. Facilitate investments in the state
2. Employment generation and Employability enhancement
3. Adherence to high quality standards

In order to facilitate investment into the state, certain pre-requisites are called for. The same have been adequately addressed in the new Industrial Policy.

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Gujarat Solar Policy 2009

A state specific policy dedicated to solar was first envisioned by Gujarat in 2009. The outlines were given under the policy titled “Solar Power Policy -2009”. The policy was the first solar specific policy introduced in the country predating the National Solar Mission. The Gujarat Solar Policy is operative till 31st March 2014. Any Solar Power Generator (SPG) commissioned during the operative period shall become eligible for incentives declared under this policy for a period of 25 years.

Salient Features
Only new plants and machinery will be eligible under this Policy. No fossil fuel shall be allowed for Solar Thermal Project.
The minimum capacity of for Solar PV and Solar Thermal projects will be 5 MW each. A total of 500MW SPG shall be allowed for installation during the operative period of this policy.
Cross-subsidy charge:
Cross subsidy surcharges shall not be applicable for Open Access obtained for third party sale within the state.
Wheeling Charges: 2% initially and then as determined by GERC from time to time.

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