Consultation held with BIS on CRS / New labelling guidelines

Thursday, September 25, 2014: The second meeting of Policy Advisory Committee for Compulsory Registration Scheme for Electronics & IT Goods was held at MoCA on 16.07.14 and was chaired by Additional Secretary (MoCA). The meeting was held largely to reconsider the labelling requirements under CRS. It was agreed that:

 The compliance statement shall preferably be included in the data plate or label typically containing marking like ratings, specification, model number, serial number, brand name etc. & where other certification marks are also present, when available.
 When compliance statement is not a part of the data plate, it may printed / screen printed, embossed, engraved or affixed using separate metallic labels (Aluminium deposition with plastic/ metalized polyester) or Sticker made of PVC / PET/ Polycarbonate / Polyester / Polypropylene/ BPA or any other similar material
 In case the statement is affixed by a separate metallic / sticker as per Para 7(ii) (d) of the draft labelling Order, the same shall be permanently affixed in a manner so as to remain on the product till the end of life of product. The exemption of slot for separate metallic / sticker is made available till 31st December, 2015 or for a period of six months from the date of release of unique logo by BIS, whichever is earlier.

 Further, the request to reduce the size of the compliance statement was not accepted.

For further details, please contact Shri Arun Sachdeva, Senior Director, Deity (asachdeva@deity.gov.in) or Smt Asha Nangia, Director, Deity (anangia@deity.gov.in)

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