Chhattisgarh Industrial Policy, 2009-14

The state’s comparative advantage as listed in the policy document are: Abundant natural and mineral resources; Availability of critical infrastructure and surplus power; Strategic location, equal proximity to western, southern and eastern region markets; and, Factors of production-low cost of land, and peaceful industrial workforce.

Instead of providing small incentives, the government will concentrate on providing excellent infrastructure, though it realises that fiscal incentives will have to be provided in the immediate term for promoting industries. Therefore, the state will follow a system of “directed incentives” that will help generate investment and employment, enhance competitiveness of enterprises and contribute towards the development of social and physical infrastructure.

There are several incentives for the IT sector like exemption from pollution control regulations, exemption from payment of electricity duty for new units, exemption from payment of electricity duty without any time limit for units with captive generating sets up to 150 kV, exemption from payment of stamp duty on acquisition of property, preference in government purchases for units meeting price/quality standards and 25 per cent rebate on premium on land revenue in growth centres.

A software technology park is being planned in Bhilai. A nodal technical agency called Chhattisgarh Information Promotion Society has been created. Biotechnology is to be utilised to improve agricultural productivity. An inventory of the state’s bio-resources will be prepared with the help of research institutions, NGOs and universities.

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