Indian ESDM Market (2011-2015)

Only a few economies have exhibited the strength to weather the harsh conditions prevailing in the global environment. Such economies are especially remarkable since they are vulnerable to headwinds given the significant size of their GDP. India, despite its temporary slowdown in the last year, has not only withstood the adverse environment, but has also [...]

Study on Mandatory and Voluntary Standards on Electronics Sector

The study is published jointly by Federation of Indian Micro and Small & Medium Enterprises (FISME) & Electronic Industries Association of India (ELCINA) to guide and assist Small and Medium Enterprises engaged in Electronics Sector to enhance their market access in major international markets. The study findings would serve as a guide to the potential [...]

The State of the Indian PCB Industry

Some scientists and research institutes started making PCBs in the late 50s. The first commercial PCB production started started for in for in-house house requirements by requirements by Bharath Electronics in 60s, followed by Indian Telephone industries and many more defense and space research institutes. The first professional grade private companies started PCB manufacturing in 70s. The [...]