Draft Project Report on “Electronics Development Fund” (EDF)

India has become a global power house in software and software services sector. However, it lags behind in Electronics Systems Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) capabilities. The objective to transform India into a global destination in electronics goods, to meet the fast-increasing domestic demand and global demand. However, there are multiple challenges such as inadequate infrastructure, [...]

India Power Electronics Market Report – 2010

The unprecedented growth in the Indian electronics demand (estimated at $50B for 2009), has spawned a corresponding spurt in the domestic power electronics industry. While this growth has been acknowledged in industry circles, no specific data exist to understand this phenomenon – this report aims to fulfill this gap. The report highlights the peculiarities of [...]

Electronics industry in India -PN Dhoot President, Videocon Group

9th largest economy in the world, 3rd largest by 2030 Sustained GDP growth of over 8% India has the 2nd largest pool of engineers and scientists India adds 1 “Netherland” mobile users/month, world’s 2nd largest mobile market Indian Railways is the largest rail network in the world India is the 7th nuclear power in the [...]

Electronic Components & Hardware Industry in India

The 13th WEF in Tel Aviv reported the Global Electronics Industry at US$ 1.6 Trillion – the largest and fastest growing mfg industry. Current Indian market US$ 40Bn; Growing by ~ 25%+ ;at this rate would exceed US$ 190 Bn by 2015; 8% of global production Present Production @20 Bn – about 50% of domestic demand! [...]

Growth Opportunities for Indian SME’s

The SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) segment in India has recently been receiving much more attention. With the introduction of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act 2006, the sector is being increasingly viewed as an agent for economic growth by Government institutions,corporate bodies and banks. The policy focus and the Government’s thrust towards promoting [...]

Electronics Component Industry Perspective

Global Electronics Industry – US$ 1700 Billion in 2009 – the largest & fastest growing manufacturing industry Global Electronics is projected to touch US$2000 Bn by 2014 and US$ 2400 Bn by 2020. Current Indian market US$ 45Bn; Growing by ~ 22%+ India would exceed US$ 135 Bn by 2014; Present Production @23 Bn (2009) [...]

Indian Medical Electronics Industry- Outlook 2020

The role of Electronic components, devices and products has been on a positive growth path in the healthcare sector during the last decade. The influx of Medical Electronics technology has reinforced the existing Healthcare infrastructure in various ways right from digitizing medical test, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to enhancing the reach of Healthcare through telemedicine [...]

Report on mapping the manpower skills in the IT Hardware and Electronics Manufacturing Industry – a study for the Department of Information Technology, Government of India

The Department of Information Technology, in consultation with the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council (NMCC), entrusted the Manufacturers’ Association for Information Technology (MAIT) to assess the manpower and skill requirement in the IT Hardware and Electronics Manufacturing Industry, with a view to take necessary steps to meet the future manpower requirements of the industry. MAIT has [...]

Productivity & Competitiveness of Indian Manufacturing: IT Hardware and Electronics

Electronics and IT Hardware Industry is the largest and fastest growing manufacturing Industry in the world. The current recession notwithstanding, the Indian IT hardware & Electronics Industry has grown at approximately 7% per annum compared to global GDP growth of 3-3.5%. The electronic industry in India constitutes just less than 1% of the global electronic industry. [...]

Human Resource and Skill Requirements in the Electronics and IT Hardware Industry

The global Electronics Hardware and Information Technology (IT) industry is valued at US $ 2.5 billion. Out of this, the global Electronics Hardware industry had a production of US $ 1.85 trillion in 2008. This is expected to reach US $ 1.86 trillion in 2009. While the industry was on a growth path, the recent [...]