World electronic industries 2008 – 2013

The electronics industry scope cannot be restricted to mass-market products that are produced in millions and even billions of pieces a year (mobile phones, TVs, PCs, etc.). Mass-market products ‘only’ represented 53% of the electronics industry in 2008. The electronics industry represented 1140 billion Euros in 2008 and is today comparable in size to other [...]

Electronics Market and Opportunities

The global electronics industry is growing rapidly. From an estimated size of US$ 950 billion in 2005, it is estimated to grow to nearly US$ 2.1 trillion by 2010. The market is dominated by Asian countries, such as China, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea. The industry is characterised by rapid innovation and speed to market, short product [...]

Development of ASEAN framework for the trade negotiations

The electronics industry today plays a vital and important role in the development of most nations as it has grown substantially and strongly over the past decades. During the early years of the electronics industry, some of the world’s top electronics companies, looking for ways to be more competitive, decided to set up their assembly [...]

KPMG Global Semiconductor Survey- A more optimistic outlook for 2013

After the disappointing and challenging 2012, semiconductor executives believe the worst is really behind them and are making investments to position their companies for a sustained and broad based multi-year recovery. Read more on KPMG Global Semiconductor Survey