LED Market Overview and Forecast ‐ India

Ministry of Commerce issued notification to Delhi Government to ensure all showrooms or show windows using Incandescent Lamp or halogen lamps to immediately replace with LED down lighters…

Growth of Indian Electronic Components Industry

The growth of the electronics industry has triggered the expansion of electronic component industry as well. The electronic components produced in India include, among others, Picture Tubes, Diodes, Transistors, Power devices, Resistors, Capacitors, Switches, Relays, Connectors, Magnetic heads, etc. In order to facilitate the growth of electronic component industry in India, the policy makers need reliable data regarding the [...]

Top Industrial Electronics Semiconductor Suppliers

The eight leading suppliers of industrial electronics suffered revenue declines in 2012, reflecting weak conditions for the beleaguered market, according to an IHS iSuppli Industrial Electronics Market Tracker Report. The eight, along with two gainers in the Top 10, together accounted for revenue amounting to $12.19 billion, or 40.4 percent of the overall industrial electronics [...]

Demand Drivers for the Electronics and IT Hardware industry

The Indian Electronics and IT Hardware sector has 6 key segments, namely Consumer Electronics, Industrial Electronics, IT Hardware, Telecommunication Equipment, Electronic Components, and Strategic Electronics. Consumer Electronics and Telecom Equipments are the largest segments with about 27% share each in total production. Consumer Electronics has traditionally been the largest segment, Computers and Telecommunication Equipment have [...]

SWOT analysis of Indian electronics industry

Growing annually around 10 percent, the Indian electronics industry is projected to touch $94 billion over the next three years, quoting a report by global consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan.

Indian ESDM market trends(2011-2015)

The ESDM industry in India has continued to grow in recent years. The industry may not have achieved the exponential growth forecast by experts, its performance in the last few years can be termed an achievement in view of the overall slowdown of the Indian economy. The ESDM industry is expected to grow at a [...]

World semiconductor market to grow at a steady rate of 7.2% in 2013

World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS), founded in 1986 as a non-profit organization of semiconductor product companies, is the singular source for monthly industry shipment statistics. Looking forward, WSTS forecasts the worldwide semiconductor market will grow at a high rate of 7.2% to US$322 billion in 2013, followed by 4.4% growth to reach US$336 billion in [...]

Electronics Components Exports 2011-12

Production of electronics components in year 2011-12 registered a growth of 31% as compared to 2010-11.  In value terms, Production of electronics components is estimated to be Rs 24800 crore (US$ 5167 million) during 2011-12. Production of components has been growing at a rate of 23.02% for past 5 years. The export of electronic components has been [...]

Growth of Indian electronic components industry

The growth of the Indian electronics industry has triggered the expansion of electronic component industry as well. The electronic components produced in India include, among others, picture tubes, diodes, transistors, power devices, resistors, capacitors, switches, relays, connectors, magnetic heads, etc. Electronic component industry: Current & future demand The current demand (total available market) for electronic [...]

Electronics Manufacturing Industry Overview

The global electronics manufacturing industry, valued at US$1.75 trillion, is the largest and fastest growing manufacturing industry in the world, according to the Indian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and the industry is expected to reach US$2.4 trillion by 2020. The global electronics manufacturing business, consisting of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and original design [...]